Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here to answer your questions, but here are a few of the inquiries we receive the most.

What Services Are Provided with the Rental of Laurel Hall?

Laurel Hall provides only the event space including fixtures and interior furnishings, along with a member of our event staff and a professional security guard. All setup, cleanup, and planning services must be coordinated via contracts with vendors.

How Do Event Attendees Gain Access to the Gated Property?

Event hosts are provided with a gate code 4-5 months from the event to be distributed to guests. The gate is not operated by Laurel Hall therefore the gate code cannot be customized.

How Many Parking Spaces are Provided?

The facility offers 60 designated parking spots for all guests, vendors, etc. Groups requiring additional parking typically provide a shuttle from a hotel or outside parking lot, or encourage guests to use a service like Uber or Lyft.

How Late Can My Event Go?

Events may go as late as midnight on Friday and Saturday, Sunday through Thursday events must end by 11PM. Music played outside must stop by 10PM. 

Are Candles Permitted?

All candles must be approved prior to use and must be enclosed.

Does My Rental Include Event Coordination Services?

The rental fee does not include any coordination services. Each event will have a trained staff member on site for the duration of the event to answer any facility related questions. However, as an educational foundation, we only offer space to rent and do not contract to provide setup, cleanup, or event coordination services. Additional coordination services must be arranged through an outside vendor.

Does Laurel Hall Have an Elevator?

Due to the age of the building Laurel Hall does not have an elevator. We are happy to work with renters to try and find ceremony options that will suit all of their guests’ needs.

Do I Have to Use One of the Preferred Caterers?

There is an option to use a guest caterer for a $1500 charge. Guest caterers must be approved by Laurel Hall, sign a guest catering agreement, and provide all proper documentation.

Can I Purchase and/or Serve My Own Alcohol?

The purchase, service, and disposal of all alcohol must be facilitated by a preferred or approved caterer.